From the actual stomach ache queen👑 (ya, me)
  1. Did I eat too much?
    I believe there are 2 types of people in the world: 1) the sleep it off-ers and 2) the walk it off-ers. Personally, I'm a walk it off-er and definitely like to get my digestion going that way. Try each and figure out who you truly are! Side note: sometimes when I'm too full, I feel like the cure is eating more. WHYYYYY??
  2. Have I eaten enough today?
    Huge misconception that stomach aches are from eating. Sometimes they're truly from not eating ENOUGH. Try a very basic snack or meal and when in doubt...saltine out.
  3. Do I need to poop?
    And if you don't think you need to poop, sit your ass on the toilet for 10+ mins. Bring a book, your phone, a cup of tea...whatever you need to just chill on that porcelain for a few. Not kidding--pooping solves 75% of my stomach aches (at least temporarily).
  4. Or do I need to fart?
    We all fart but unfortunately we also all hold them in sometimes. Go find a safe, comfortable place where you can LET IT OUT.
  5. Just need a little soothing?
    Tea, mint things, Papaya enzymes...that good shit
  6. Is it time to turn to medicine?
    I'm not a medicine person but these are basics that I'm learning to love: 1) don't have to be gassy to need some of this shit. It can be a cure-all, I swear. 2) saltines, when in doubt, Tums out. 3) Pepto-Bismol...absolutely disgusting but absolutely helpful, when the time is right.
  7. How am I ACTUALLY feeling?
    Are you sad? Stressed? Angry? Nervous? Bad mental feelings = Bad physical feelings😥