1. The coldest, earliest walk of shame that was mostly a run because I woke up late
  2. Not having time to wash the night off me/the beer that got poured on my head
  3. Having 10 minutes to pack my things and the car before the hour commute to the hour ferry
  4. Not being able to breathe because tis the (sick) season
  5. Speeding to get to the landing on time
  6. Missing the orca pod because #DADS
  7. Saltines for breakfast because I ALWAYS have them on hand and because my stomach could not anything else
  8. Sitting/laying on the ferry chair so as not to put pressure on my mysteriously bruised tailbone
  9. Lugging 4 heavy bags uphill to the office because I didn't have time to drop them off first
  10. Commencing a 9 hour work day with minimal food and water in a town where everything is closed on the weekends