Inspired by @LizDawson and @CallTheHotline
  1. Chocolate chip cookies should be part of the food pyramid
  2. Vegetables should taste better so I'll want them more.
    Someone in the science community get on that please!
  3. Therapy is an acceptable participate in without judgement if you feel it could help!
  4. I would be amazing friends with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  5. Any morning time that isn't a double digit is too early to be up in the morning.....
  6. Dogs are acceptable best friends
  7. Sleeping should be an acceptable hobby to put on your resume
    They always say if you don't get enough sleep that you won't be productive worker.... So I would be the most productive...
  8. Colleges should have a "class fair" so all students can get an idea of what kind of courses there are and what they may be interested in.
  9. I shouldn't be considered "not Hispanic enough" because I didn't grow up with the culture my father did.
  10. Turkey bacon tastes better than regular bacon
    THERE I SAID IT! (Keep in mind I am super picky and eat approximately 7 different foods before you rant 🙈)
  11. American Sign Language should be taught more often in schools
  12. I was cheated by missing out on 1960s era fashion....
  13. Wrestling (NOT WWE) is a completely underrated sport
  14. Dead fish can steal your soul if you look into its eyes for too long 😳🐟
  15. It's more fun to be insane