Ranked from least frustrating to most angering🙃Keep on mind we have been living here about 3 weeks.... This isn't everything wrong, just everything we called to get fixed...
  1. Screen in window broken
  2. Granite in kitchen is two different kinds
    Considering this is an upgraded apartment... There shouldn't be this stuff happening since we are paying more. Not able to be replaced...
  3. Mirror covered in black dots
    Same thoughts as granite situation but actually able to be replaced
  4. Faux wood apparently has issues with the flooring under it so there are random lumps under the wood.
  5. Rubber thingy in the shower to stop water from getting inside shower handle thingy falling off
    I clearly know hardware things....
  6. Wobbly fan
    So wobbly it may fall off
  7. Plastic think inside shower handle loose
  8. Blinds in room broken
  9. Making quieter noises for about an hour after each time I used the toilet.
    I was still able to use it.
  10. Updated flooring was put in incorrectly without pulling up the baseboards and then crappily filling in the excess area with caulk between the baseboards and edge of the wood
  11. AC in my room may not be on because room is always extremely hot
    Learned later my ac vent is just extremely weak
  12. Toilet dripping onto floor...
  13. Storage room filled with other people's stuff so we've had to wait almost 3 weeks now to get the key fixed and the other peoples' stuff removed
    There's a separate storage room fee so we don't know if we have been paying for a storage room that we can't even use.
  14. Storage room key not working
    Even after they finally removed other people's things....
  15. Toilet making super loud noises randomly when I haven't even used it in hours.
    It wouldn't even let me use it while it was making these noises.
  16. Water leaking from cracks in the floor of my bathroom when you step on them.
    This took me forever to figure out and made me feel like I was going insane because I was always stepping in water. I know it happens in my bathroom and I swear it happens in my room too but it's covered I carpet so I can't be positive.