I am excluding children's movies because there would be too many.... Disney and Pixar are magical, but let me know about any your heart desires! 📽❤️📽❤️📽
  1. Good Will Hunting
    Robin Williams is a God and this movie is heaven sent. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck made such a beautiful, heart warming movie everyone needs to see and can learn from ❤️
  2. The Illusionist
    It wasn't seen as highly as the similar Prestige that came out around the same time, but I always loved this more. It's not even a chick flick. It happens to have a love story, but keeps people on their toes. Shows the things people would do for love and the safety of those they care about ❤️
  3. She's Out Of My League
    Hilarious movie that became a favorite when watching it with my cousin for the first time. Great actors who all have fantastic comedic timing and it breaks that stereotype that the "loser" can't win the heart of the beauty❤️
  4. Age of Adaline
    I saw it for the first time the other day and I have wanted to watch it again and again since. Really interesting take on the idea of "living forever" and helps you really accept life. Also, Blake Lively is a treasure and I would like her to be my best friend❤️
  5. 61*
    The only movie that has ever made me cry. When I say cry, I mean turned me into a blubbering, weeping mess. Even if you give zero fucks about baseball, it's a great movie.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  6. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
    So strange. But it filled me with hope and it made me laugh.
    Suggested by @bluepuddles