Who wants to make a Snow White remake with me??? I sense a big hit here! Inspired by @mentalfloss
  1. Quirky
    The politically correct 2016 name for Dopey
  2. Clumsy
  3. Pervy
    You know one of them was hoping to get in her pants....
  4. Bingey
    Both on food and Netflix.
  5. Joey
    Why can't one have a normal name???
  6. Biggie
  7. Bunny
    He's a new cast member on that show about people who think they are actually animals
  8. Shifty
    Out of jail on probation
  9. Silly
    I'm adding a "cute", "happy" name so y'all don't send a therapist my way
  10. Crispy
    Spends too much time tanning (also alternate name for someone on a remake of Jersey Shore)
  11. Sassy
    Alway with the attitude!
  12. Juicy
    That butt though! 🍑
  13. Weepy
    Listens to a lot of Drake
  14. Worldly
    Likes to brag about his accomplishments and is ultimately a dick
  15. Horny
    Would like to give Snow White a jolly good rogering.
    Suggested by @boeing