One Book, One Movie, and One Album That I Think Everyone Should Read, Watch, and Hear

I'm really no good at describing things so..... I would look up a summary of this stuff either way! 😁Inspired by @HisDudeness and @allygrace
  1. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
    I am not an avid reader but this was one of the few books I have actually gotten through in a long time. Not only is is about the hilarious life of the author but it also helps readers see what the life of woman with mental illness and depression can be like. And it takes you to some of the tougher times of her life and how she has gotten through it with laughter. There were many times in this book that I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and times I cried for her. Highly recommend!
  2. Good Will Hunting
    This is a classic I believe everyone should see. With an amazing cast and writing team, this movie brings you through the life of a "lower class" man who basically raised himself and who has an amazing amount of intelligence and finally harnessing it. It's a feel good movie and really gets to your heart.
  3. Dream a Little Dream (Mama Cass version)
    This song is a cover, however it is my favorite version. This song is the one thing that really makes me feel better when I'm stressed or sad or feeling lost. It's so simple and sweet. It's really a classic and it has this magic about it that songs today do not possess.
  4. ✨Bonus Book: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
    It's what I am currently reading and it's her newest book if anyone would like to read it too! It is about her life again but it alludes to her major depression and her decision to take control of her life and just be "furiously happy" instead! Inspiring book for me and could be great for anyone with depression to help them see they aren't alone and can still be happy! ❤️