Ideas for compliments for any occasion or when you just want a compliment! (Accompanied by many exclamation points)
  1. That was a great guacamole recipe at the dinner party you hosted!
  2. Those chin ups are really helping your arms reach their full potential!
  3. You are the go-cart champion of the world!
  4. Yes you fell, but you were the gold medalist of falling!
  5. Your magical eyebrows are what started the trend of calling things "fleek".
  6. I have faith that if you try your hardest, you will win that line dancing competition!!!
  7. No! Jessica Alba/Brad Pitt is jealous of you!
  8. You have the most beautiful earlobes I've ever seen!!
  9. Your regular speaking voice alone is music to my ears!
  10. Sir Mix A Lot was singing about your beautiful butt!
  11. Your beard makes me wanna curl up and go to sleep in it!
  12. You're work on the PowerPoint so far is fantastic! Can't wait to see it finished!
  13. If I were a casting director, I would want to hire you for the hot person's part.
  14. I think we should publish your lists in a book!