Based on no fact at all 👌🏼 The right way to do things 👍🏼
  1. Peter
    Completely identifies with the Peter Pan movies and randomly repeats "I believe" to save the fairies throughout the day
  2. Bill/Billy
    Lives at home and values his conversations with his pet parakeet
  3. Michael
    Try's to be the rebel in a world of Michaels by getting into "The Pot" and ultimately becomes a stereotype of pot smokers
  4. Ben
    Wants to impress everyone and loves to give hugs to strangers who always look super uncomfortable
  5. William
    Feel let down that they share a name with a prince but he's the prince that got odd looking...
  6. Harry/Harold
    Take full pride in the fact that their name is now made cool by the hotter prince. Sing One Direction in their car or in the mirror when no one is looking.
  7. Simon
    Entitled and believes others forever must do what he "says"
  8. Tim
    Humbled because of how many people call him Tiny Tim around Christmas time when they finally remember A Christmas Carol. Ultimately is self confident because he knows... He is not tiny 😜 AYEEEEEEEEE
  9. Anthony
    "WANNA FIGHT BRO!!?" "WHO HID MY PROTEIN POWDER!?" "Maaaa! That guy at the gym was such a jerk!"
  10. Samuel/Sam
    Still goes to the mall to chill with friends who are also named Samuel. On the board of the Sam Winchester from Supernatural fan club.