There are many but these are the weird ones that other people may not understand... I'm irrational
  1. Pumping my own gas
    I grew up in Jersey and enjoy paying gas in cash. If y'all don't know, in New Jersey, it is illegal to pump your own gas. Now that I live outside the state for school, I HATE the irrational stress I feel pumping my own gas. I always have to guess how much money it will be to fill my tank...And what if I give them too much money!? I don't wanna go back in and be like "I gave you too much!"And I only have my debit card which I don't feel safe using outside the arm cuz I've had my Identity stolen🙃
  2. Tipping waiters/waitresses/delivery people
    I always feel bad for making them work for some reason and then always will over tip cuz money in general makes me nervous and I don't want to do the math to see what a regular tip would be.
  3. Money
    I hate talking about it, I hate dealing with it, I hate the idea of taxes (just take the money from me without me having to fill out all that paperwork and crap), and it controls too much of my life! Let's go back to bartering...Who wants my lion stress ball for a sandwich? Who knows about that guy who traded up from a red paperclip to a house? He had it right! I may or may not just sort of toss money at cashiers and say "I think this is enough" because I feel pressure from the people behind me.
  4. Opening doors first
    I get so nervous that I'm about to either pull or push on a door that works the opposite of how I try to open it or if the door is locked and I'm just trying to get in or out of a building but the door isn't gonna open 🙃
  5. Meeting identical twins (let's not mention identical triplets 😳)
    It's overwhelming! I feel so bad cuz I know I will ALWAYS mix them up and that stresses me out and then they can like keep pretending to be each other and I would never know and they just are.... TOO IDENTICAL...ALSO! If I like am attracted to some guy who is a twin... Will he suspect I'm hitting on his brother too!?!??!? TOO MUCH OVERTHINKING 😱😫
  6. There is probably many more... But I have the worst memory...