And I won't be ready ever....
  1. When my house is dark and I need to go somewhere around the house, I will run like hell and shut doors behind me because I feel like people are following me.
    I know there are no such thing as ghosts and I'm safe but... Still will
  2. No idea how to clean a shower...
  3. I DESPISE COOKING! Sonic and Boston Market are life!
    Best choices!!!! Sonic: Mozzarella sticks, cookie dough blast, popcorn chicken, tater tots, grilled cheese ❤️ Boston market: Quarter white with Mac and cheese and a chocolate chip cookie ❤️❤️❤️
  4. No like really, I hate cooking so much that I didn't cook once in a course of a month and a half one time.... Allll eating out and starving myself to save money
  5. I still check my hands or think about what the letter "L" would look like on my hands to remember right and left...
    Like I know them but it takes me a sec to process
  6. Suck at that whole prioritizing the right stuff thing
  7. Don't get a good nights sleep
    Always am up until like 1:30/2 at least... Started writing this at 2 am actually...
  8. Have ZERO clue how to do my taxes, pay bills, balance a checkbook... And I'm sure other money things I can't remember
    I learned a little about the checkbook stuff in hs... But I remember shit now!
  9. My spelling skills are SHIT
    And spelling is a good portion of my career 👌🏼
  10. I'm also a picky eater....
    I would prefer to give up food altogether, it's that bad! Not that I haven't been trying to eat better!