I have too many weird things in my head
  1. "Zed" isn't as easy to say as "Zee"
    Americans like anything that is simple as possible... We have simple minds
  2. Why is being predominantly hairless like something women (including myself) strive toward??? Especially during winter?! It will help keep me warm, possibly, if I grow out hair like a chimp!
  3. Are all the different kinds of headache-fixing pills really just placebos that trick you into thinking they worked but ultimately do nothing and you just forgot about your headache after it naturally went away...?
    I was having a killer headache at the time of thinking about this....
  4. "Melancholy" doesn't sound as sad or upsetting! Seems silly and happy....
  5. Choking on an ice cube is prob the worst way to go (or up there) because you are choking but you know you would be fine in a little if it melted, and if it does kill you, people won't know why! You just look like choked on basically nothing!
  6. Who is the guy who describes how to make the crazy evil jelly beans for that bean booked game... And the people who have to taste and test the crappy gross kinds like garbage, barf and booger....
    Like did he just taste people's boogers and barf and like compare them to the jelly bean...?
  7. Ben Rector is an unfortunate name... I wonder if kids in his school would call him Benny Rector. He's strong for getting through that!
  8. Tinder's new update "Tinder social" where you can go out with groups of people to hang or go drinking or party seems slightly murdery to me. Even more so than tinder itself is. It just allows multiple people to have the opportunity to murder me instead of just one
  9. Tap dancers kinda look like they are about to fall down often... They have mastered the art of making falling look kinda cool!
  10. Did hamsters just pop up out of no where to become pets or do they also exist in the wild!?
  11. How can one small cookie that is 90 calories be equal to one serving but another cookie that is larger, covered in icing, and stacked on another cookie, and equal to 580 calories also be one serving...?
    Like shouldn't the 90 one be one serving and the other one should be equal to like 6.4 servings 🤔 Are servings actually just bullshit?!
  12. If they are real, it would suck for aliens to come to earth. Considering how many movies and tv shows are based on the idea of evil alien creatures, people are gonna be scared of them!
    As far as we know, those aliens could be super nice and interested in getting a great apple pie recipe or living the American Dream they have heard so much about!
  13. If there was a button that would let me remove all the things on Netflix I have already seen, I would have like 20 movies/shows left.
  14. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a wonderful human who I think we don't appreciate enough.
    He's musically gifted (can sing, play piano and drums, and maybe more idk!), he's a sweetheart, his smile is magical, he's an awesome actor, he's funny... Honestly all around the best!
  15. I still don't understand the "Trix are for kids" slogan for Trix cereal... Why can't those spoiled brats share with the rabbit???? Maybe if they shared he wouldn't have turned into a criminal and tried to steal them! If it's for medical reasons that rabbits can't eat Trix like how dogs can't eat chocolate, then explain that to the poor guy!
    "Trix are for spoiled brats who can't share their cereal."