Style choices I don't understand

Like whatttttt!?!?
  1. Rat tails
    Why do you think that's an appropriate hairstyle?! They make me sad.
  2. Butt pads
    I understand wanting to be more confident in your body, but it's clearly there. That's not right....
  3. Whatever that runway show had going on a year or so ago
    Isn't the point of runway shows to show off the clothes....? Are these clothes or baby holders!? I'm pretty sure it's illegal to hold a baby that way btw.
  4. Pants hanging under someone's butt
    WHY DOESN'T ANYONE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A BELT! MANY ARE EVEN WEARING BELTS WHILE THEY DO THIS!! LIKE WHAT!???! PANTS ARE MEANT TO COVER THE BUTT AREA! WHEN DID PEOPLE FORGET! (I am passionately irritated by this..... Major pet peeve. And my brother does it and I have to hold in soooo much frustration!)
  5. Comb over
    Just take the plunge and shave it off! Take pride in the shiny head! There are a lot of badass people who look great with no hair and you can be one! Be like The Rock!
  6. Bolo ties
    In what occasion would one need to wear one??? Was it invented when someone neeeed a tie but could only find a shoe lace and then was like "oh hey I like that"
  7. Skinny mustache
    Do you want a mustache or not?!
  8. Sneakers with heels
    Suggested by   @Bnj
  9. Leaving the damn sticker on your hat.
    Seriously. Stop. Please.
    Suggested by   @NumbahTwo