Like no chance it's not true!
  1. Dogs are too good for us!
    They deserve better! My dogs have been my life so far and without them, I'm not sure where I would be today 🐶❤️ also this gif is the exact way I picture all dogs!
  2. Fish want to steal your soul!
    If you have been with me for awhile, you know I'm terrified of fish! Specifically fish out of water and dead fish (close second). I don't trust them!!!!!!! THEY DON'T HAVE EYELIDS!!!
  3. Blake Lively is a goddess
    She's adorable and sweet and a completely underrated actress! And her and her family are perfect! Blake- we should be best friends👯
  4. Someone is messing with me cuz I fall down and trip WAYYYY TOOO MUCHHHHH
    How do I always just trip when there is nothing around I could trip on!? Are we positive I was taught the correct way to walk....?
  5. Taxes and paying bills can be unnecessarily confusing and/or complicated...
    I don't think people actually commit tax evasion, they just don't understand how to pay taxes
  6. My hair does not want to cooperate like any other human beings hair...
    Giphy downsized medium
    HOW DOES EVERYONE NOT LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE A FUCKED UP MULLET LIKE ME!? Einstein in the front, oily ponytail in the back...
  7. The human body is gross!
    All the weird fluids, bodily functions, dangling parts, hair, and holes. Parts can be appealing or fascinating sometimes, but other times it's just... Weird! Idk how people study bio and become doctors and stuff!