Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. The softer the mozzarella cheese in the packaging, the better tasting it is
  2. All the names of the Kardashians
  3. The entire intro song to my 4 year old sister's favorite tv show.
    I don't even remember what it's called.
  4. A strong, irrational fear of fish out of water
    And fish in general....
  5. Too many of Taylor Swift's ex boyfriends
    Not all... But too many
  6. The birthdays of my ex boyfriends
  7. What do dogs think about?
  8. Drew Barrymore's horoscope sign
  9. Donald Trump's alleged penis size to hand size ratio
    @donaldtrump2016 is more open than I would prefer
  10. The JFK assassination and other conspiracy theories in detail
  11. The names to all the workers at both Sonic's in my area
  12. What would men do in the days before the Internet if they wanted to send a dick pic?
  13. Isn't the bathroom in all houses gender neutral?
  14. The least crappy pizza in vacuity of Tampa, Florida
  15. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial basically depicts cannibalism.
  16. There are too many Taken and Fast and Furious movies
  17. Why have Adam Sandler's movies all been so crappy over the past few years?