I live my life dealing with many irrational fears and actually acceptable fears. Ranked from least to greatest 👹 Inspired by @PeteOnEarth
  1. Physical pain
    I have a damn low pain tolerance!
  2. Failing my major in college and suddenly realizing college wasn't for me
    Common for college students maybe...?
  3. Ocean
    A. Getting pulled under by a wave or current B. I DONT KNOW WHAT IS DOWN THERE AND I DON'T TRUST IT.
  4. Fish in water—dead and floating
    They want to steal my soul...... THEY HAVE NO EYELIDS!!! 😳
  5. Fish out of water
    I almost broke my ankle once running away from a fish someone threw at me. 🙃 not the reason why. Just a situation that happened because of the fear! I think it's a mix of "I feel bad you're dying slowly" and "you're disgusting" in the case of fishing.