For slumber parties, movie nights and general hangouts!
  1. Nick- New Girl
    He's frikken hilarious and has the same bumming-it lifestyle that I have.
  2. Benny- Supernatural
    He's nice and has self control and would die for me!
  3. Charlie Bradbury- Supernatural
    She's just funny and fun! And a damn badass!
  4. Bonnie Wheeler- Baby Daddy
    She's hilarious and a bit insane.
  5. Barry Allen- The Flash
    He's adorable and funny! And I could give him great advice like not to date Iris cuz she's a bitch to him...
  6. Cisco- The Flash
    He's adorable and funny! I just wanna hug him all the time and he would give me a great nickname 😋
  7. Spencer Reid- Criminal Minds
    Sweet, awkward, and slightly socially inept. He is also a damn smart badass and doesn't let people underestimate him.
  8. Castiel- Supernatural
    Another socially inept guy, but always tries to do what is best! He's hilarious with his lack of connection to society!