AWESOME IDEA so I had to join in! Inspired by @kcupcaker and @Grosstastic and @mallofamanda 💕💕
  1. Block of Polly-o mozzarella cheese
    The whole milk kind cuz I'm not a sadist! Also not in stick form so you can take as much as you want and not feel like you have to count how many sticks you have eaten 🙆🏻
  2. Three sticks of Chapstick and my memoir about how I have learned to finally not lose them immediately after purchase and advice about what you can do to follow in my footsteps
    I give you two incase the first two attempts to not lose it fail. It takes practice and apparently 20 years of it based on my experience.
  3. 98% used visa gift cards
    I don't understand how to use them fully so there is always another like $0.89 on them that go unused.
  4. Mint condition bottle of that colored ketchup that didn't do so well in the stores
    I don't want y'all to use it but just admire the creativity and the fact that the creators glazed over how mildly disturbing this would be
  5. Bubble wrap
    Because... Bubble wrap...
  6. Liquid to matte lipstick
    I have recently developed a bad obsession with them and although they don't look fantastic on me after a bit and I'm not quite sure how to make them look that great, y'all need to experience this with me
  7. Candy corn
    Completely underrated candy!!! And the only candy I am able to eat slowly and not eat too much because it's so sweet that I'll feel sick if I eat too much 😂
  8. Maxi Skirts
    Pants are for people who try too hard and skirts above the ankle are for the people who shave their legs too often! Take a break from the shaving!