Created by someone who hates the horror genre and understands nothing about it. And the summary! 👹Inspired by @PeteOnEarth
  1. Death
    Many people will die
  2. Sorority girl does something stupid to look cool.
    Many people die. Peer pressure to be cool kills, kids.
  3. Fraternity guy doesn't believe in the obvious ghost and pisses him off.
    College boys are stupid and you know it ultimately leads to his death.
  4. Stupid white people
    We always cause all the death!
  5. Minority character lives for a little longer.
    *spoiler alert* They die second. Minorities don't last long in movies.
  6. Killer goldfish
    Because all the cool pets have been used already
  7. No wifi
    You know this would be the most terrifying movie of the generation