this list could be 100 items long so I stuck to some random moments besides the cliche post-pursuit, anytime she was undercover in a dress etc
  1. That time in one of those awful-short haired Olivia seasons (Wrath?) when Elliot knocks on her door and she doesn't answer after she shot someone ; THEY COULD'VE HAD SOME ANGSTY SEX
  2. When Elliot was HIV negative. just to celebrate.
  3. In Contagious after spending time with his kids for his birthday, he should've had his cake and eaten it too (Birthday sex with Olivia)
  4. In Closet, when he takes her out for drinks. Screw Kathy and the kid, Elliot! Olivia is on the rebound ready for some fresh DDDDDDD
  5. Lastly, anytime post season 13- Elliot should've come back, Olivia should've slapped the shit out of him and then kissed the shit out of him