~~ am I a real TLA user now?? ~~
  1. That creepy filter on snapchat that made your eyes more mouths. It got off balance (my eyes aren't that lopsided, but props to you if they are!) and I snapped this pic before it fixed itself
  2. Love taking pics of the sky. Clouds are so interesting to me. I'd guess 30-40% of my camera roll is just pictures of clouds outside my window.
  3. Me and little Rhe in SF. I never thought I would like/miss a cat, but she was the coolest cat ever. 10/10 would hang with again
  4. So I keep trying to play Ingress but I don't understand it at all. This happened when I opened it once. Meant to send to a friend but never got around to it. (I am so proud of my username, but I've found that it pisses a lot of people off... 💁)
  5. A guy I found on tinder. (Spoiler, I did not swipe right). His about me was:
    "I really only just want to eat some pus sy. Looking for a clean, disease-free female to hookup with a few times a week. Interested in fwb, booty call, one night stands, etc. I'm clean, disease-free, 420 friendly, 7.5" stick, love to eat pus sy. Hmu if you're interested."