Bear with me: legally I've only had 2 (and I'm 24!!)
  1. Babysitting for a toddler
    I was maybe 12, left alone with a child. The last time I babysat for her, she got a huge bruise on her leg from throwing her body around in some weird, convoluted way I could neither predict nor stop. She also has a dirty diaper. I was never asked to babysit again.
  2. Chick-fil-A ('07-'12)
    A guy asked for ketchup in the drive thru so I grabbed a handful and my manager yelled at me because he only got a small fry. She had a point but it was so mean, I got really upset and afraid of her. Taught me to be more conscious of ketchup, tho!
  3. Marsh ('12-present)
    A man I call Jibber Jabber used to come in every Sunday (and other days too, but mostly Sundays) and talk such utter nonsense that nobody even thought he was speaking English. We finally banned him from the store for one reason or another and he took to approaching our large front windows when it was dark out to bang on them and wave. Scared me every time.