Inspired by @tombatten (I haven't been too far out of my state, but for what it's worth, I have been to Europe)
  1. Indiana
    It's my home state and everything about it comforts me
  2. Michigan
    Lake Michigan every weekend for an entire summer, my family would drive up to a private beach and then get gelato after from a homemade gelato place. (Best summer of my life)
  3. Illinois
    Going to one of the historic museums with my best friend and her boyfriend and feeling like the worst third wheel in history
  4. Ohio
    Going to Cedar Point with my dad, sister, and brother. Sara was afraid of the rides, so Michael and I went off on our own to the craziest, funnest rides we could find
  5. West Virginia
    Stopping at a rest stop and buying a key chain and a postcard that said "West Virginia at Night" and was just black. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.
  6. North Carolina
    Driving up Outer Banks after being in a car for 2 days and being so excited I couldn't sit still. Pulling up to the house we were renting felt like a dream.
  7. Kentucky
    Going to Louisville on a day trip with friends with no itinerary in mind and finding ourselves at the zoo.
  8. California
    Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge with my best friend and my sister playing "O. P. P." with the top down on a convertible