Just a couple things you should know from our perspective. Although I am a little strange and a lot more interested in what's going on so maybe just my perspective...
  1. I don't judge you for any food you buy, but I will judge you if you walk up to me talking on the phone and don't give me the time of day
    It is the least you can do because there is important info I need to know up front in order to do my job completely. Also, it's rude as hell.
  2. I'm not starting a conversation w/ you bc I'm nosy. I'm doing it because cashiering is a thoughtless task for me now and I'm seriously bored
    I will take cues from you tho and stop if I feel you aren't into the convo
  3. I'm really just trying to help you out
    I don't judge for your card being decline (that shit happens to everybody) and I understand you need food stamps bc food is fucking expensive as hell and I know that better than everyone
  4. That being said, taking out your frustration on me bc your card was declined or you don't have enough money on your EBT card is not cool
    I do not appreciate being treated like dirt because you feel insecure. I understand it tho and try to help anyway bc I'm an 😇
  5. I will absolutely look out for you if something is on sale or there's a coupon on the package.
    I also check eggs cause ya'll are lazy as fuck and don't ever check them
  6. Finally - I'm doing my job just like you do yours. Remember that I am paid a very low wage to hear all your complaints and issues
    Mostly because you will tell me all your problems and expect me to be able to solve them. I DO NOT CONTROL PRICES. I DO NOT CONTROL STOCKED ITEMS. I've worked for a grocery store for 4 years and I can guarantee you that telling us on a store level gets you nowhere. Corporate is who you should bother bc they're the ones making these decisions.
  7. Side note - if you have great service, call the 800 number and tell them about it. The person gets rewarded by the company!!!
    I've had one positive value line call (no negatives!!) and it made my month! Knowing that someone appreciated my efforts made it easier to give them to others.