I have more to add because people are kind of terrible and this list will always have room to grow.
  1. Seriously, walking up to me on the phone is akin to telling me I'm a worthless person.
    How on earth am I supposed to treat you with respect if you can't even approach me openly. "It's your job, though" might be a response, but nobody deserves to feel like that regardless of whether or not they get paid for it.
  2. I have a great relationship with regulars, aka customers I see daily/have seen enough over the years to know about
    And I do go out of my way to make sure they are treated great. They get that because they treat me like a person, not an employee. It goes a long way, trust me.
  3. I get that prices are outrageous, but telling a cashier is only going to ruin their day, and literally NOTHING else.
    If you want to inquire about a price, ask a store manager or customer service. They are trained to help and can actually seek out ways to make you happy. Ranting to a cashier is a complete dead-end.
  4. Whenever lines are backed up, you have to remember that the employees are completely powerless to the situation as well. They didn't ask for 20 more people than the current staff can handle. Be courteous, be patient, be polite.
    Making a joke (not about the line) is a million times nicer than a comment about how long you've waited. Seriously, try it. A simple, one-liner will do the trick
  5. I'm realizing now that I'm just trying to make people more considerate customers but this is how I approach all workers now and you would not believe how much more enjoyable shopping and waiting in line is.
    I also get free stuff/lots of info by being polite and making small-talk.
  6. I should also note that I'm a pretty introverted person so I tend to hide out in my shell constantly. Doing these things has helped me become a more social, conscientious person.
    And it makes me really happy, too!