This was supposed to be a myriad of stories, but I had more to say about Bob than I thought... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. A couple months ago, I had to get an iron infusion. This is an outpatient procedure done in the hematology/oncology unit and it was their busy day so I had to sit in a two-chaired room with another person.
    He immediately struck up a conversation and my inner hermit groaned bc getting a bunch of medication pumped into your body is not very comfortable as is, let alone trying to stay polite/interested in the person next to you
  2. However, momma didn't raise no rude kids so I started a conversation with him, and realized it wasn't half bad
    He was a talker, but was great about listening, too. He started telling me about his life, saying that he graduated high school real young, married his wife at 18 (been married 40 years!), had 3 daughters, and now has 8 grandsons.
  3. He has stage 4 cancer of something or other, I didn't recognize it when he told me.
    But he and his wife were telling me he had never smoked, done drugs, been much of a drinker, never got sick, had stayed active, and they just couldn't understand why he was dealt this hand
  4. Here's the thing, folks, they were two of the nicest, most social, gracious people I have ever met.
    He had a great outlook on life, positive as hell, just a genuine person. Someone I would love to come to for advice. She was laughing all the time, finding humor in everything, and very attentive to his needs.
  5. He was a year younger than my dad but already retired
    (Bc of the cancer, he said). Quick to follow up with how he loves to learn new skills, recently picked up computer software and installing it only his family's computers, mentioned never calling a handy man because he has fixed every problem his house has ever had. I had to respect that kind of mind and tenacity.
  6. They have 10 dogs, most pugs, and live in one of the coolest parts of the city.
    I only talked with them for about an hour (and some of that was interrupted by nurses helping him or me) but I will not forget it or them anytime soon. Bob and Patty (not sure about her name, but he kept telling me not to spell his backwards and that got me lol)
  7. There are so many good people in this world, and I am so happy I had a chance to connect with these two
    I don't know how long Bob has, but in my mind, he will always be on his road to recovery, ever hopeful despite the pain and difficulties, because he should be remembered for his attitude not the shitty body he was given
  8. And if you get anything from this List, I want to be this (but really, I'm not picky if you get something else):
  9. Life is meaningful in how you live it, not in what you do but the meaning behind it.
    Do not do bad things to get back at people, tell the truth, be grateful, be open to those around you, and, if you hate public speaking like me, Bob advises that you pay attention only to the person that looks interested in you. Forget everyone else around you because they will only bring you down. Find the one person engaging with you and talk to them, he promised it would change everything
  10. ☀️🌏🌳🐕
    Be good to others, it's all a circle. Make it a good one.