I was with two other girls on the dance floor which is I guess guy code for bother them mercilessly?!?
  1. A guy who asked for help to find his friend
    I said I didn't know. He started repeating himself and it got really loud so I made the "I can't hear you" hand motion so he tried to act it out. I ignored him. Then he turned around to talk to a guy who I'm guessing wasn't a "friend" he had lost...
  2. A guy who asked to dance, which I said no to, who hovered near us the rest of the night
    Also "friends" with the jabrone mentioned above. Did he think we would change our minds?
  3. A guy who asked if he could join us. Again, I was clear with a no, shaking my head, etc. He asked what was wrong with them
    Nothing is wrong with them (other than that comment). Guys, you can ask to dance until you're blue in the face, but we have the right to say no. Accept a denial. My god how hard is that to understand. Also friends with the above mentioned bros.
  4. A guy who asked me to dance twice, the second time hovering so close, I bumped into him. When he asked and I said no, he said, "I find it hard to believe you don't want to jump around", which, to be fair, was correct. I had been jumping around moments ago. So I made eye contact and said "not with you I don't".
    He stayed near us the entire night anyway and my friend said he kept staring at me. Not dancing. Just staring. Also was married. ALSO friends with the other guys.
  5. JUST TO BE CLEAR, I was not trying to catch their attention. Not that this needs to be said, but I was wearing leggings and a long sleeve button down over a tank. Nothing about my outfit or actions was attention-getting. No means no why can men not understand that?