I'm in San Francisco now visiting my best friend, but she has a real job that she has to show up for so I'm on my own for the day. This is how I spent it.
  1. Started the day eating breakfast (half a sprouted bagel w/ cream cheese [not my first choice], an apple [slices by said best friend], an orange [segmented, again, by best friend]) then finding a bench and trying to sketch this beautiful landscape. I refuse to show the end result.
  2. Then I got on the 21 to downtown so I could walk to the Exploratorium.
  3. Popped into the Ferry building to look around and got a delicious (VEGAN) bear claw that I will never forget. So soft. So tender. So sweet. Also got a coffee. Been running of caffeine and willpower because sleep isn't happening here.
  4. Walked to the Exploratorium about 1/4 of a mile down the street. It's free today because it's pi day and while waiting in line, I realized the demographic is a little more skewed than I originally anticipated. The majority of people were under the age of 10.
  5. I jump into it anyway and start interacting with the pieces (it is an interactive science museum)
  6. I even saw a (preserved) human brain (which is cool because it is literally an organ that produces consciousness and awareness of itself and everything else, what else can do that?)
  7. Found a beautiful postcard in the museum shop. I have a habit of purchasing postcards I have no intention of sending because they're so pretty. Decided to send this one to my dad.
  8. Watched a video about math and how symmetry is really kind of a crazy concept for everything to (unknowingly) follow.
  9. This is a visual representation of a litmus test and how acids and bases mix to become neutral. Started getting tired of all the kids about now because they kept running into me and pushing me and running ahead of me.
  10. After a kid shoved me out of the way, I left and walked back to the Ferry building. Look at the pretty clouds!
  11. Aaaaaaaaaand here we are. 3:30 in the afternoon, haven't had coffee in hours, feel very bitter.