I only thought of this because I am eating a healthy snack. I'm not sure if these are all healthy and I don't eat half of them weekly but I love them all.
  1. Bell Peppers
    Only acceptable ones imo are yellow, orange, and red IN THAT ORDER. I like to slice them in long strips so they are easy to grab. Covered in salt is preferred, but you do you.
  2. Fresh fruits like peaches and strawberries and melons
    MUST be ~in season~ or close
  3. Bananas
    I just started eating these and I have discovered that I only like a very small window of perfectly ripe or over-ripe because I like them more sugary. But I LOVE THEM. I ate 5 yesterday (but that was because of a mistake where I accidentally tore the tops off all them trying to get the top off one)
  4. Carrots or cucumbers or celery to dip w/ hummus or those Greek yogurt dill dips
  5. Celery or apples w/ peanut butter
    I love the crunch of celery. Also the crunch of apples. Depends on the amount of sugar I want / have on hand.
  6. Crackers with Brie and fruit spread
    I got fig butter at Trader Joes recently and it's okay, but I think an orange marmalade or.. Idk. I'll take suggestions b/c Brie is super cheap at TJs and I am a TJ hoe now.
  7. Chips and salsa
    Is this healthy? One of my go-to snacks in middle/high school.
  8. A salad with a lemon mustard vinaigrette
    But only that dressing my aunt made for Christmas 3 years ago (I still think about it and omg it was heavenly)
  9. Pistachios
    The full-shelled kind that make you work for it. Gives you something to do with your hands, as well. And if you want more salt? Suck on the shells (sorry - I am a salt-fiend)
  10. Dried apricots
    I happened to really crave candy one night and dried apricots were there for me to help me get through it. They now have a special place in my heart.