My goal for celebrating the birth of this country RESPONSIBLY
    I didn't put enough on last week, ended up burning my back pretty bad. So this is a high priority since I plan on being in the sun all day tomorrow which brings me to item 2...
  2. Drink plenty of water
    Dehydration is no joke and also really lame and preventable. I don't want to be that person
  3. Also drink plenty of beer
    How else do you celebrate independence???
  4. Light (someone else's) fireworks
    I did not buy any fireworks and don't plan to change that
  5. Eat as much food as I can get my hands on
    I am fully okay with gaining a couple pounds this weekend, I am not trying to impress anyone/don't need to with my weight anyway
  6. Sleep
    This may seem silly, but if I don't, I get really cranky real fast and it is no fun for anyone
  7. Volleyball???
    It's a reach but my family got a lake house and some beach volleyball would be 💯
  8. Beer
    Okay, but it is v important and v American
  9. Washing my car
    Not so much celebratory, but trying to remind myself