This is my story on how I have started (and stopped) running in the past year on the way to my first 5K
  1. This story begins with my dad, a fucking champ at running who is so disciplined and amazing at what he does. A true inspiration.
    He used to wake up at 5 am to make my brother breakfast (he was a swimmer) and then RUN FIVE MILES. AT FIVE AM. He's also run 3 Chicago marathons (his last one in 3 hours). He broke his hip last October and was running miles by the end of November. Like I said. A fucking inspiration.
  2. Last summer, my sister started running to get in shape. I had nothing better to do so I started as well. I just ran around a block 3 times (it was slightly more than a mile).
    I was not running continuously and was walking a fair amount of it, but sweating felt so good. Then one day, I was mad and took it out on my knees. Then I ran on those hurt knees. I had to stop running for weeks until they didn't hurt again. I even called into work because I couldn't stand on them. It was baaaaaaad. Never again.
  3. Then running fell off my radar because I started going to a doctor about my anemia and all my energy went towards that.
    Months went by with no running. I just didn't have the energy. If you have any hematological knowledge, my hemoglobin was around 7.8 and I had an iron store of 2.
  4. We *kind of* got that fixed in October and I started running again in November / December.
    Mostly because I was feeling great and my dad kept asking me about it.
  5. Then, in December, I thought I had gotten a spider bite because my ankle was swollen and super itchy.
    I mean CRAZY itchy. I even tried topical ointments.
  6. Turns out, I probably sprained my ankle (never confirmed because I'm a cheap-skate now and don't see the need to pay for an X-ray to tell me what I already know) so I had a fat ankle for 4 weeks before I went to the doctor and got anti-inflammatory pills
    Worked and my ankle started healing again.
  7. Then I started feeling shitty again but kept up with running because it is pretty rewarding to finish
    But my iron levels were dropping again and I could barely get to the gym twice a week
  8. I went to a running store and told them my problem about stability and all that and they found me ~*angel shoes*~ from the running gods named Hoka
    They have changed how I run. No issues for a month and a half with them
  9. But then I started getting shin splints and my ankle was possibly respraining or something because it also hurt
    However, I refused to not run the 5K because I wanted to accomplish something after all this time and energy I've put into it
  10. The week of, I only ran once or twice (and a mile at most). Mostly I biked. I put in one 10 mile day and then a 14 mile day right after (not the greatest idea, my knees hurt but hey, whatever)
    This was mostly to stay moving and keep my legs limber. I also took to biking around to parking garages in the city and going up them. There's one that's 12 floors high that I did twice (and I was SO proud, see attached pic)
  11. Day of the 5 K! I woke up two hours early so I could eat and not get a stomach ache (my breakfast was tea and an English muffin w peanut butter). My dad was running with me which saved my gd life bc support (duh) and also to keep me from stopping (to save face)
    I had to pee right before the race and should have pushed for a restroom, but I didn't and I regretted it bc that was all I could think about for 34 min and 51 sec while I ran
  12. I finished the race! It was difficult, but not what I expected. My ankles hurt the most and still do, but I am super proud of myself and my mile split time was consistent (according to my dad). I just wish I had pushed harder at the end.
    And peed before the race.
  13. But seriously, y'all, my dad is the real hero in this story. He has been my support and go-to whenever I have a running question and he went and got me Gatorade so I didn't have to stop on the course (!!!)
    And then held it for a mile in case I wanted more (!!!!!!!)
  14. Anyway, here's a photo of me after the race because my mom was there at the end, but hit record after I passed her (typical parents, amiright?)
    Also, if ur interested, my time was 34:51 w a mile split time of 11:15