It would be much easier to make a list about my least favorite things, but I want to be challenged. Almost none were done in the context of a relationship which is the *~21st century~* way, don't cha know?
  1. G.
    One of the best friends I ever had. I had a hard time letting go of this relationship because I knew the friendship would go with it.
  2. M.
    His smile changed his whole face and made me want to keep making him laugh/smile indefinitely
  3. S.
    Very sweet if I had his undivided attention and gave me so many compliments (I also fished for them, so take that into consideration if you must).
  4. J.
    He was so vocal about everything, what he liked, didn't like, and pushed me to express myself more because of it.
  5. S.
    He wasn't afraid to call me out on my rather flimsy declarations (unsourced facts, etc). It was annoying at the time, but it's making me a stronger arguer, something I've always wanted to be. He also had amazing arms, and was so cute when he smiled. Ugh.
  6. Full disclosure: this list is mostly about last S because I think things are over and it bums me out.
    Let me mourn this through lists and self-obsessed thoughts