We moved this month to a new house and it is basically the worst thing I have ever lived in. Here are some hard lessons I have learned bc we weren't thorough in the house walk-thru
  1. Pictured: structural damage
    What I saw before: a really really gross basement I wouldn't be spending any time in
  2. Pictured: a leak from the attic into my closet
    What I saw before: nothing bc I didn't even look inside the closet
  3. Pictured: a BB hole in one pane of the window that leaks water into it
    What I saw before: nothing bc they had blinds and furniture in the room which was TRICKERY I swear.
  4. Pictured: a poorly built porch that my sister geeked out about before stepping foot on it. Also, insulation from where an animal is crawling into the roof.
    What I saw before: a chill porch we could hang out on in the shade.
  5. Not pictured: the buckling floors, non-working sump pump that only works when the lights are on in the basement, lack of airflow on first floor bc no screens on window, bugs all over, a mouse somewhere, the smell of a rotting & mildew-infested house, mold in the basement, the washer & dryer on a wooden pallet that is rotting away from water damage,
    Cracks all over the house letting in who knows what, a tiny pond in the back that has sitting water, a broken shed that houses nasty wood and a ladder...
  6. The best part about the house is the gopher that lives nearby and sometimes hangs at our house. We named him Gopher Dude
    Sara made a little poster to remind us all of what me may lose by leaving this house
  7. But we have got to go bc this house will be a bitch to heat in the winter and is a swamp in the summer.
  8. Gimme that A/C central air so I can hoe w/o the nasty stickiness that follows an un-air conditioned home.