Things I Have Purchased For Myself This Holiday Season

While shopping for others obviously... I just recieved a promotion at work so I'm making double what I made before (and I want to spend ALL of it lol)
  1. Kings of New York
    A board game riff off of "Kings of Tokyo", an addicting strategy game that I play multiple times a year with my friend's family
  2. New Phone Case
    Mundane, I know. I love the clear cases, but they get yellow so fast from UV lights/sun(?). The place I used to order them from stopped making them, so we'll see how this new company is
  3. A new bed
    Now this was pricey, and I needed a frame, too. But also needed and I had the money for is so, like, why not?? This isn't my photo, but it'll kinda look like that. With a dark gray headboard.
  4. Dog crate for pup
    Bc separation anxiety even when he's with my parents dog. This leads to pooping / peeing when we leave him out of his cage. He is an angel 😇 and this is his one issue. I'll gladly take it over him being a little shitbag who gets into everything
  5. Pet food storage container
    Sticking to my pup theme, I wanted his food to stay fresh so I got him a huge bit that holds most of a 35 lb bag (what I buy bc he eats 3+ cups a day !!!
  6. Nerf refill pack
    200 count, I'm going to have A Lot of fun with this one. I already have the nerf guns, going to let 'er rip on Xmas Eve
  7. Carhartt hat
    I got one for my sister and figured I might as well match... lol. Now I have to pick which one to give her.
  8. Carbon Monoxide alarm
    For the house, we don't have one currently and I am ~slightly~ worried bc I've been sleeping like crazy lately (but I'm also anemic still sooooooo that's probably my problem)