1. The smell of ground coffee in the morning when you open the package
    The first open is even better
  2. Walking outside to a warm breeze with the sun on your face
    How I imagine heaven
  3. That first bite of a really soft, springy donut
    Rocket 88 knocks this out of the park. Best part? My favorite of theirs is vegan and locally sourced.
  4. Your hair, freshly conditioned, feeling like silken strands
    Before it turns to a frizz-ball (at least in my experience)
  5. Swedish Fish perfectly chewy
    Not to hard, not too soft, just right
  6. Going to the beach for the first time all year
    Bonus of its the perfect day, windy and warm, and deserted
  7. Ending a run all sweaty and exhausted, but being able to say that you did it
    And you're basically allowed to eat whatever you want because of it. (That's how working out works right???)