I have always had an appetite in the morning (unless I'm hungover, which makes everything worse). Recently, it's gotten a little over the top. Keep in mind this is not the most obscene I've been...
  1. A bowl of cream of wheat
    Judge me all you want, CoW is a warm bowl of goodness you get to sweeten to your hearts desire
  2. A SECOND bowl of cream of wheat
    I was cold and still hungry...
  3. A (Belgian) waffle I had leftover
    It was huge and delicious. Slathered with artificial syrup and butter. Yuuuuuum
  4. A fried egg over a little bit of reheated rice
    Love eating eggs in the morning. Really fill me up like a starch can't.
  5. Okay, that's it. But WOW. What a huge meal. Then I didn't eat for 8 hours. So... I feel that I was just.