Inspired by @drugs
  1. Sometimes I think I'm living in a Truman Show-esque world and everyone's in on it except me
    Makes me extremely distrustful, especially after "coincidences"
  2. My first relationship was in preschool, on picture day, and I got so nervous, I couldn't be near him
    Honestly though, that's how I still am today. Very indicative of my future love life
  3. I accidentally caused a cat to die in preschool/kindergarten and the teachers told all my classmates so they all hated me for it
  4. My parents never expressed any physical affection, so when I see it now anywhere, it makes me shy and uncomfortable
    And like, why? And, please stop. You're better than this, Olivia.
  5. I once lied to my school that two loose dogs we saw at recess were mine so they just let me leave the school yard to "take them home"
    I just walked them two blocks away and went back to school. I felt so uncomfortable, I told myself I would never lie like that again. I've mostly kept that promise.
  6. My dad used to pack us veggies (carrots) with individual homemade packets of salt folded into wax paper
    It is the reason I will die of a sodium-overdose, I just know it