Okay so five months late... all good, right?
  1. Go back to eating 100% Gluten Free (again).
  2. Then become 100% Grain Free.
  3. Go back to doing yoga every morning.
  4. Walk three times per week, give or take.
  5. Begin meditation and centering my mind.
  6. Tone my core, my arms and my bum.
  7. Start throwing on any f'n shirt and pants I want because my core, arms and bum are rockin' and I feel awesome.
  8. Get that tattoo on my shoulder/upper arm because I finally feel like showing off my arms. Soak in the beautiful ink, people. Soak. It. In.
  9. Make consistent money so that I don't worry about my bills or anything anymore, travel more, get the house/apartment I want and can afford said tattoo.
  10. And the badass haircut and color I'm looking into.
  11. Let you know this isn't me making New Years Resolutions... just making a list of things I need to do to become a better version of myself.
  12. Which includes more reading and extra creativity among many other things that will come to me as I push forward.
  13. there is no f*cking secret
    Thank you Kelly O. 💜