Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

This is so people don't think I'm very weird if they scroll through, but really, it might just help their case more.
  1. This just made me laugh a lot.
    Emotional Matt Dillon is life.
  2. My aunt accidentally commented on semi-famous comedian Rocky LaPorte's Facebook post instead of mine.
    This kept me in stitches for weeks.
  3. It's true.
  4. I may be slightly obsessed with my virtual high school. Oops.
  5. Yes this happened. Very creepy and hella sketch. Mostly because of the horrendous grammar and punctuation errors.
  6. Those Serra boys 😉 Carrying on my mama's legacy.
  7. When your friends tease you on Snapchat but it's pretty accurate.
  8. Jokes after I told Jen about the best dream I have ever had. SO SO GOOD PLEASE BE REAL
  9. Wleonardo DiCaprio?
  10. I am the real life Meg Ryan.
  11. I'm obsessed with the Bachelorette.
  12. Seriously.
  13. It's kinda my life.
  14. There's no real explanation for this one.
  15. Kim Jong-un is goals. So fabulous.
  16. Can't decide which tweet I love most.
    Also it was used for Amanda's collage and I'm too sentimental to say goodbye.