All equally embarrassing.
  1. Runescape
    In the 5th grade it was all the rage. All I ever had done was chop wood. But it kinda worked, this kid name Mark gave me a book called "How to Get Rich on Runescape."
  2. Sportsball
    When I came to college, it seemed like the only thing people wanted to talk about. I tried for a long time to learn the rules of football, but I've been at USC for three years and I still can't motivate myself into going to a game.
  3. Fantasy Football
    See above. All of my coworkers made a league and I wanted to be in on it. I missed the "draft"/dinner because I didn't want spend energy learning the definition of/how to draft.
  4. Ayn Rand
    In the South, she's all the rage. Probably for her ability to make the worst of people sleep better at night. But I pretended to like her until I read about 10 pages deep into Atlas Shrugged.
  5. Spongebob
    The memes. The constant quotes. I wanted to "get" all of them. I tried to watch it but then I would break into cold sweats thinking about all of the more interesting things I could be doing.
  6. Prayer
    Shameful, I know.
  7. The band Chumbawamba
    I thought it made me seem 90s chic¿