1. Seeing my niece grow every day and learn new things.
  2. Waking up well rested before my alarm has gone off.
  3. Watching To Kill a Mockingbird with my mom, because it's our favorite and we both love Gregory Peck.
    My mom and I watch this movie together at least once a year and we have since I was very young. I believe my attitude toward life and how I treat people who are different than me are a direct result of this.
  4. Seeing old friends after a long time apart.
    I go to college out of state and in June I relocated here so that I could work. As a result, seeing anyone from home is rare and I cherish any minute I get to spend with the people I grew up with.
  5. Hearing the right song, at the right time.
    Ex: "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots was released in the midst of a panic attack during finals week, spring semester, of my freshman year.