A Picture For Every Month of 2016

What a ride 🎢
  1. January
    I turned 22 years old while on set of my friend's thesis film. My boyfriend traveled 2 hours to bring me this cake and after set, I had my very first surprise party. My heart was full
  2. February
    Beyoncé's Formation music video came out and my life was forever changed
  3. March
    I traveled to New Orleans and directed a film that's very much changed my life. I am a better filmmaker and a better person because of March. This is our 6 year old star do learning to use a light meter✨
  4. April
    Lemonade dropped. I have never related to a piece of artwork more. I have never emoted more when playing an album in my car. Thank you team Beyoncé. Forever inspired by this. (Next month I also unexpectedly got to go to the Beyoncé Formation world tour. To call it awesome would be an understatement)
  5. May
    My very first art show opened. I worked extremely hard to secure grants for myself and to create interesting and introspective art. My work received great reviews and my proudest moment was my mom getting to see it on opening day
  6. June
    I graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Radio TV and Film. It's a miracle I made it happen in 4 years. So much growth in such a short amount of time.
  7. July
    I started working at a hip hop record label in Chicago. I quickly rose up in the ranks and went from an intern to their in house director. First job as a post grad
  8. August
    I got to go to my very first film festival for "Pangaea" it premiered at the Gene Siskel Center which was very much a wild dream come through of mine and it's still wild thinking about me being the youngest filmmaker in the festival. This month my film also played in millennium park in front of thousands of people 🙈 v grateful for these opportunities
  9. September
    By far the worst month of the year. Due to pure stupidity I moved in with an ex. Physically and emotionally I was at an all time low. I've forgiven everything as best I can... especially myself, but I was not the same person after this month. In choosing to love someone so deeply, heartbreak becomes inevitable. I'm still learning from this tbh
  10. October
    I reached a major breakthrough when I abruptly moved out and moved to the south side of Chicago to a new place with a childhood best friend. Living with another queer black woman who makes art has healed me in ways I never could have imagined. I also got flown out to Missouri to stay in a 5 star hotel to show my film at The Citizen Jane film festival. I made some great connections with incredibly talented women and got over my fear of doing Q&As alone.
  11. November
    I went on a cross country road trip from Chicago to LA and saw a beautiful other side to the US that I'd never gotten a chance to experience before. I'd never seen mountains before in real life, I'd never seen deserts. In LA I got to go to the wonderful music festival Camp Floggnaw. This trip taught me that forgiveness via love is not stupid if you don't let it be. The day after I got back from this trip, I found out that I'd been accepted into the SundanceFellowship program. 😱Still reeling
  12. December
    I got flown to New York City to do an interview with PBS for a top secret thing that'll come out in 2017. I'm so excited to build upon what I've learned and the work that I've already put forth. As it stands though, I'm proud of me💕🌻