lol wait... Things are going well.?
  1. He braids my hair up at night because I'm lazy and "my arms get tired"
    (and also, my twist outs are trash 😔)
  2. He has traversed several snowstorms to bring me Taco Bell
    He also will always buy me the fried cinnamon dough balls even though he finds them "so gross"
  3. He once accidentally killed a goldfish that he was pet sitting and then bought an impostor fish at a store to replace it before anyone found out
    He later almost did the same thing with my gerbil, but he was able to find and capture it before I found out 😭
  4. He says "I love you" on the phone even if his friends are around
  5. One time I got my period in his basketball shorts and he just washed them and never mentioned it
  6. His favorite saying is "if you are hungry, I will feed you"
    Which brings us back to my obsession with Taco Bell...
  7. A1 pimple popper
    This is getting gross, but seriously... Bitch even those deep blackheads.?!
  8. When my grandpa died, he came over with my favorite butter pecan ice cream, held me as I sobbed so uncontrollably that I knocked him off the bed, and then silently watched Over the Garden Wall with me until I fell asleep.
    And not once did he utter the atrocious "he's in a better place"
  9. He will harmonize to Hotline Bling with me at the drop of a hat
  10. He would rather stay in and watch nature documentaries than go out & party
    Partially because he doesn't drink, but mostly because nature documentaries are so fucking cool