Its like this
  1. First you heat the water to a rolling boil, then you turn down the heat and begin stirring in salt until the water doesn't dissolve anymore salt in it
  2. This is called a saturated solution
  3. Then you remove it from heat and carefully pour the water into another container containing the object that you'd like to grow the crystals on
  4. And then you wait
  5. 24 hours later you should see crystals!
  6. ...unless you bumped the bucket halfway through the crystallization process
  7. Or a contaminant landed in the water and ruined the solution
    A contaminant can be anything from a fly, to a small speck of dust
  8. Or the water wasn't hot enough
    Or cooled too quickly or not fast enough
  9. Or the thing you wanted to grow crystals on wasn't compatible
    Pro tip: don't use pipe cleaners 🙄
  10. Idk it just goes to show you that sometimes even though you're trying your hardest at a new venture, sometimes things just aren't meant for you
  11. If nothing else, senior year in college has been a study in that
    Last year I was rejected from the senior directing program, this year I directed a different film in New Orleans that's 1000x more meaningful than the script I was set to direct for the class.
  12. Sometimes perseverance is imperative, but other times I'm learning that we've got to be ok with throwing the water out to find a new way to get what we want
  13. Anyway, here's the final sculpture I made with 8lbs of salt 😂
    I named her Lot's Wife