A wish list
  1. If you live outside the US, send "Black" brand cigarettes. They should be pretty cheap and I love and miss them terribly 🙏🏾
  2. I love pens that write real smooth
    Gel pens are also pretty dope
  3. And I love when people share their favorite movies with me (burn it!)
  4. I also love mix CDs (burn it!)
  5. Hmm idk if you have an old notebook laying around, that'd be swell too
  6. I also would love a pen pal 😁
    send a long note! Spill the tea on some hot gossip! Blab about yourself!
  7. A coffee grinder?
    I found 3lbs of premium Intelligentsia coffee beans on the ground, but they mock me, as I have no way to grind them up. Do I just give up and use a rock? What the fuck.