AKA my time at Northwestern University: A senior year recollection
  1. You never get time to "clock out" like everyone with a job does. You wake up you go to class you got to meetings you come home you do work for the next day until 3am
    And repeat
  2. Because your life is so unstable, it's almost impossible to take medication regularly (esp BIRTH CONTROL which must be consumed exactly at the same time every day)
    Shout out to all my birth control baby mamas out there. Shit is too unfair
  3. Most of us are not equipped leaving high school to be fiscally responsible.
    Major debt ensues
  4. There were times I had literally NEGATIVE money in my bank account and the rent was due.
    People always laugh at the broke college student trope, but feel compassion to poverty outside of the educational system. Interesting.
  5. You finally realize that you have at most 4 friends in this world
    And you can only count on them for so much. Most of them will be able to hang out at most once a month. And none of them will be from your hometown. That stings.
  6. Also shout out to my first gen college students who end up feeling farther away from their families than ever due to their new academic lexicon
  7. You miss important events back home that you will always regret-
    People get ill, people die, pets die, young family members grow up, graduations and proms happen. And you'll never get that time back. Because you had a test that day
  8. What is sexuality.???
    Now is the time to start questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself. Including your own stupid ability to find love
  9. Nevertheless some of us will embark upon our first serious romantic relationships at this- the worst period of growing pains in our lives.
    It's always a trainwreck
  10. Had my first panic attacks and serious boughts of depression at this time. Failed everything. No one cared 🙃
  11. And through it all we are expected to thrive 😂
    Idk college has been quite easily the most difficult time of my life... But all in all its lit a fucking fire under me to be successful in the most frigid of climates. I know now that regardless of shit crumbling around me, I'm gon shine. And oddly, I'm quite proud of this new bitter confidence. I feel ready to take on the world and make space for myself and the things that I do still hold dear. It's been real ✌🏾️