1. Today someone buzzed my apartment
  2. I was expecting NO ONE
  3. I panicked... Was it my new roommate moving in early? The mailman? Did I forget that I ordered food?? Lord have mercy 😨
  4. I hadn't yet showered or brushed my teeth
  5. I was wearing a furry onesie
  6. And no bra
  7. And my giant glasses
  8. God had forsaken me.
  9. 😓
  10. So naturally I decided to pretend not to be home.
  11. This is my go to panic decision: ignore it and hope it goes away until I'm ready
  12. No dice- the person kept ringing... And ringing... And ringing
  13. So with the quickness I threw on some proper sweatpants and sprinted to the buzzer to let them in
  14. Fml it was the guy we got to watch our gerbil
  15. I completely forgot we had a gerbil 😑
  16. After dropping her off, he stayed to talk for another half hour as I bounced around uncomfortably hoping my nipples weren't poking through my sweatshirt or that my breath wasn't slowly suffocating the poor boy.
  17. Finally he left. And I locked the door behind him. And now I'm trying to unpack why this caused me so much anxiety. Is this normal? City people do you feel me.?
  18. If you love me at all, you will give me half hour's notice before dropping in on me. Please.