I was given what I thought was a weak tab. It in fact was not a weak tab. My boyfriend instructed me to type out my thoughts into my phone's note pad. This is some of what I wrote word for word as I started coming down
  1. I became unstuck in time like billy pilgrim did in the book Slaughterhouse 5.
    Everything that was and that is was laid out to me in an ever expanding map- a web. And I was given choice about what subjects what topics to flit over and think about But all I could focus on, mostly was connection
  2. Human connection is a literal energy
    I can see it. I can hear it. I can feel it. And every important piece of God resides in us We have the power to create to uplift... But not to make people feel Not to make people happy
  3. Your words on Facebook are not going to make someone feel that real connection
    But phones are such an important invention It brought us closer connection even when our physical bodies are far away from one another It allowed me to type this. Appreciate that.
  4. We will never design something as complex as a human body
    but we can design so so much and help so many people
  5. There is no progress. There is only the web.
    (Note: the web is a physical manifestation of the concept of everything that was and is being connected. All energy all events are one in this web. There is no linear progression of time. There is no moving forward. There is only the constant miracle of the ebbs and flows that come with being connected to so many things. If is a miracle that we can impact anything or anyone at all. We are so small. And yet we do it everyday. That is beautiful.)
  6. Losing connection with people on the web feels terrible
    but whether they die or just move on without us, but they are not really gone they're just on the web and no longer connected to our strand
  7. holding on to things is futile.
    I have everything necessary within myself to remember who I am and what happened without needing to accumulate things. And everything that was and is is still connected on the web whether or not they are still connected with us.
  8. Having words to describe what I see and feel and hear is surprising and amazing.
    How do you express something you've never felt before? Some people will never have the words to be able to think and experience things on a deep level. Lexicon is the most important word I thought about yesterday. A lexicon is the word version of the web.
  9. Also the word synnestheizia is quite important too
    Normally to a certain extent I can see music, but The acid trip is total synesthesia Where all sounds had visuals and smells of my own body were suddenly foreign and grand
  10. Don't swallow the paper kids ✌🏾️