It was the worst.
  1. I spent as much time in the hospital as I did in university.
  2. I got a 325$ ticket.
  3. I got over 100 botox injections in my head. Not the fun botox.
  4. I lost touch with a lot of people I love(d).
  5. I got shingles because apparently I'm 75.
  6. Finally gave a chance to the guy who'd been wanting to date me since 2007. He ghosted me after a few weeks.
  7. I bought a horse I will never be able to afford.
  8. I completely gave up on vacuuming. Everything I own is now covered in dust and cat hair.
  9. My ex and I tried to get back together for the 764378th time. To everyone's suprise (lol) it didn't work out.
  10. At some point I took more medication daily than my 4 grandparents combined.
  11. I ripped the mirrors on my car on several occasions. (They have to make indoor parking spaces wider it's ridiculous)
  12. I broke up many attempted rapes between my two cats and my entire body is at all times covered in scratches as a testament to my peacekeeping efforts.
  13. I downloaded Tinder for the 62nd time. I did not meet anyone.
  14. I deleted Tinder for the 63rd time. I did not meet anyone.