These 'hidden secrets' of Disney world make your vacation all that more fun!
  1. FREE soda fountain in EPCOT
    Over by the fountains of future world in EPCOT lies a hidden gem that Disney goers need to know about: a soda fountain featuring different sodas from all over the world! The best part: it's totally free! Stop in to get a refreshment and some air conditioning AND try to pop from Brazil. It's all coke-themed and perfect for mid day. No kicks or gimmicks, just grab a cup and start testing. Make sure to try the infamous Italian soda called Beverly-SOO bitter! Makes for funny faces.
  2. Pin trade with a cast member!
    Pin trading at Disney World was pretty big in the early 2000s, but it's calmed down. Still a thing, it's fun to wear your pins at the park. Trading for a child can be a little nerve wracking, so trade with a cast member! They can't say no to a trade, regardless of how bad the pin is (lol).
  3. Free fast pass!
    If you are at MK in the morning and haven't officially started your day, take a ride on the ferry in frontier land and search for Tom sawyer's paint brush on the island. If you are the first to find it, give it to a cast member and they will present you with a fast pass!
  4. Look for DeVine in Animal Kingdom!
    There is a performer at AK that holds a special place in my heart-DeVine! She is essentially a tree. She walks gracefully on stilts and is usually hidden and as stiff as a tree unless a guest spots her! Her makeup is beautiful and she is silent but she is so fun!
  5. Character fun
    When you stand in line for a character meet-and-greet, make sure you get your wait's worth and take time to interact with them! Kiss a female non-human character's hand and see how she reacts, ask a human character a question about their movie and they should pop right into character! Mary poppins is one of my favorites. She talks about her umbrella!
  6. Skip the Disney dining plan
    Not worth the $$$$$ and you get roped into a certain amount of spending/food per day. Disney is expensive but you can make some cuts!
  7. Extra magic hours
    SO WORTH IT! One of my favorite options Disney has, EMH allow guests to take full advantage of their time on property. Different parks stay open late into the night or open early for a select amount of guests. In the morning, you can usually walk on any ride and at night you get to experience the park in a whole new way!
  8. Parades
    Finding an afternoon parade is fun because they usually aren't as crowded as the night parades. If you aren't interested in watching, take advantage and go on a ride while others watch!
  9. Hidden Mickeys
    Imagineers have put their own flare on Disney all over the parks. Hidden mickeys and other imagineer signatures can be spotted on rides, decor, and building in all parks. Hidden mickeys are usually mickey's iconic face shape hidden in a concept and imagineer signatures are personal touches that speak to the imagineer. Haunted mansion has tons of them, splash mountain has one right before the drop, and cinderella's castle's mosaic holds a few too. You can find a new one every time!
  10. Secret path between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios
    There is a back door path between EPCOT and HS that makes park hopping easier! Over by France on the world pavilion is the exit/entrance for EPCOT and the back on HS out by the pond connects the path from one park to the other.
  11. Staying on property
    Staying on Disney world property might seem too expensive, but it really is worth it. Access to the parks is much easier, along with getting other benefits such as dining plans, character meals/meets, monorail system, extra magic hours, and you know you are getting quality hospitality service since they are all Disney employees.
  12. Staying late at the parks
    Regardless of when the parks officially close, you can take advantage of your time there that day. b/c Disney cares so much about their guests and realize lines & time get in the way, they will usually allow you to ride the ride even after the park has officially closed, up to an hour after official hours close! Disney services are in the parks till 2 am (at least) cleaning & preparing for tomorrow. Stay for 'goodnight kiss' a half hour after MK to watch a beautiful closing of the park & lights